The Front 9

From the Yellows 2986 yds par 35 , from the Reds 2622 yds Par 35

Hole 1

Yellow 356yds Par 4 SI 14

Red 284 yds Par 4 SI 8


Our opening hole allows you to have an opening shot with the prevailing wind, go for the green or lay up , its your first shot of the day Good Luck  

Hole 2

Yellow 344 yds Par 4 SI 8

Red 231 yds Par 4 SI 14


With Doncaster Racecourse OOB on your right, slicers be aware! The tiered Green is best approached from the righthand side due to the large tree protecting the left of the green , however the right is protected by a bunker so just hit the fairway 

Hole 3

Yellow 328 yds Par 4 SI 16

Red 318 yds Par 4 SI 12


First dog leg of the day, to the left, the green is not visible from the tee.

However a good tee shot will see you with a reasonable shot into the away sloping green, back spin could be your friend here.  

Hole 4

Yellow 395 yds Par 4 SI 4

Red 369 yds Par 4 SI 4


Slight dog leg right, with trees on either side of the fairway, if you go right hope for a members bounce. if you make the fairway your next challenge is to keep out of the bunkers to the left and right of the green 

Hole 5

Yellow 191 yds Par 3 SI 12

Red 182 yds Par 3 SI 16


The first Par 3 you will encounter, the green is protected by bunkers to the front left and right, as always accuracy will be the key here 


Hole 6

Yellow 365 yds Par 4 SI 6

Red 309 yds Par 4 SI 4


Big dog leg left here, with OOB on your left, do you take it on and get close to the green, or do you layup ? the choice is yours but taking it on is the fun.

Hole 7

Yellow 125 yds Par 3 SI 18 

Red 125 yds Par 3 SI 18


Easiest hole on the course , or is it ? A sheltered Tee and green hide the wind from you, hit it up there and see it move 

Hole 8

Yellow 405 yds Par 4 SI 2

Red 359 yds Par 4 SI 2


So the the eight , tight tree line on the right at the tee which opens up as you progress down the fairway beware of the fairway bunker to the right 

The green is inviting and ready to receive you but be aware of the protective bunkers 

Hole 9

Yellow 507 yds Par 5 SI 10

Red 445 yds Par 5 SI 6

First Par 5 of the day, your warmed up and playing well, now you need a great drive to give you a chance of an eagle, however there is an intimidating tree to the left off the tee, and the prevailing wind is in your face

Go on take out the big dog.

Great drive, next you need to navigate the bunkers protecting the large green good luck 

The Back 9

From the Yellows 2943 yds par 34 , from the Reds 2753 yds Par 35

Hole 10

Yellow 195 yds Par 3 SI 11

Red 174 yds Par 3 SI15


Challenging Par three, no sand bunkers on this hole , but there is a ditch running across the front of the green to catch you if your trying to run the ball in  

Hole 11

Yellow 459 yds Par 4 SI 1

Reds 451 yds Par 5 SI 13


Dog leg right on the hardest (off the yellows) hole on the course, the prevailing wind may help you or trouble you here 


Watch out for the sand traps

Hole 12

Yellow 394 yds Par 4 SI 3

Red 372 yds Par 4 SI 1


Don’t let hole 12 fool you , its got that SI for a reason, tight fairway surrounded by trees there are humps and bumps to stop you running the ball at the green. you can be left with a nasty chip here

Hole 13

Yellow 163 yds Par 3 SI 15

Reds 155 yds Par 3 SI 9


OK you made the turn and tackled some hard holes relax on the 13th, nice par three, but how do you attack the pin. Both the tee and green are sheltered from the wind but trust us its there 

Hole 14

Yellows 327 yds Par 4 SI 13

Reds  315 yds Par 4 SI 11


14th Hole is as pretty as a picture,  you can see the green, but hang on it feels a little tight on the tee

Hole 15

Yellow 372 yds Par 4 SI 7

Red 306 yds Par 4 SI 5


Back up the hill, this dog leg right has a challenging three tier green. fingers crossed the greenkeeping team are in good mood as there can be very challenging pin placements on the 15th

Hole 16

Yellow 406 yds Par 4 SI 5

Red 379 yds Par 4 SI 3


Running along side the 14th but much longer, the 16th has a large tired green protected by greenside bunkers

Hole 17

Yellow 144 yds Par 3 SI 17

Red 143 yds Par 3 SI 17


The last Par three  good challenge here, try to avoid the bunkers either side of the green, The green is large and can leave challenging putts even if you GIR

Hole 18

Yellow 483 yds Par 5 SI 9

Red 458 yds Par 5 SI 7

Last hole of the day, your nearly at the 19th just a great dog leg right to finish you off. 

If you drive it well you may find eagle alley, if not you may need to play a short iron over the corner to leave you a great approach